Friday, September 10, 2010

Express Yourself!

I've always been a true believer of "freedom of expression". To never be someone you're not, and to always stay true to what you believe. Growing up I remember always getting in trouble for my "smart" mouth. Now when I say things its not in a sarcastic way, meaning if I said it, then I mean it, literally.

In a world where facades and fakeness sometimes bring large followings, I tend to be one who expresses her thoughts freely without worrying what anyone thinks.

I have to thank my mother for introducing me to music, dance, and other forms of self expression, that way I'm not walking around offending people with my "smart" mouth. And even though I almost gave my mom heart attacks with sprained body parts from playing sports, crazy piercings, and explicit lyrics, I credit her for allowing me to see different realms of art, people, and life.

I want my children to know that art goes hand and hand with faith, joy, and hope. Art has the power to heal a broken soul, lift a spirit, and ease the mind. In a world full of chaos, take time and enjoy that song that always gives you goosebumps when you hear it. If you enjoy dancing, even if you have two left feet, I guarantee it will relieve a bit of stress. Or simply take an hour or two to read a good book. You'll never forget how these things make you feel, and I'm sure you'll want to share it with someone!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ok, Here It Is...5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

1.  I have a LARGE family, not immediate but in general. In fact 90% of my friends on Facebook are all related to me!

2.  I have an MJ, Prince, and Debarge INFATUATION!. In fact, I would give my right breast to see prince in person lol.

3.  I love old people, but nursing homes give me anxiety attacks. (So does high ceilings)

4.  I've ended 3 out 5 bad habits so far - texting & driving, road rage, smoking b&ms...Don't drink as much liquor as I used to, but eventually I would like to stop that too. Still addicted to money, but who isn't?

5.  And finally Jay-Z is NOT my favorite rapper...but he's up there so don't get offended.

There you are...5 things you probably didn't know about me and probably don't care to know!! But you read them anyway, now get outta my space Debarge is on the radio!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Soul Food...

Wanted to take some time to talk about one of my favorite things to eat, soul food! Now there's quite a bit of questioning going on in my head as to whether or not soul food is actually bad for you. When I say soul food, I mean foods like fried chicken, mac & cheese, cornbread, candied yams, etc. These foods eaten on a regular basis by popular belief are said to contribute to health risks such as heart disease, stroke, and high cholesterol.

My view on this particular topic is how we digest certain foods goes back back to our ancestry and what our ancestors ate. Meaning a person of European decent wouldn't take well to soul food or foods that are salty and starchy. Those of African American decent usually don't digest dairy very well like someone of Swiss origin. I believe that it isn't eating soul food alone that is causing us [African Americans] to be the leader in deaths related to heart disease, but rather all the other things we consume along with it from time to time like fast food, added salt, fried foods, as well as the quantity of these foods.

My theory is mainly self supported just by seeing older or elderly African Americans who by the BMI chart are overweight, have been eating soul food all their lives and still do, yet have no major health issues and are living very long. We're the age group (25 to 44) that have a much shorter predicted life span than our grands and great-grands.

Same goes for other races like Italians. Eating pasta and other foods high in carbs on a regular basis in my opinion probably won't kill them.

The truth is, and I know us young adults hate to face it, but all these fast food chains and fried chicken chains are probably the trigger to a lot of the obesity rates in our age group. The only thing I can say if you absolutely have to have a Big Mac, which i absolutely have to have a Wendys double cheeseburger, just do so in moderation and dont forget to exercise! It could save your life.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time Waits for No One...

Sometimes I tend to hold on the things in my past and these things keep me from seeing the future. Still working to let go of habits, routines, and even people that existed during a time of darkness in my life and did not contribute to anything positive and productive. Things that existed during a time of irresponsibility and carelessness. I find myself frequently reflecting back on the way things were before I had any responsibilities and thinking "If I knew then what I know now!"

We live and we learn and through trials, tribulations, and mistakes, we emerge to become a better person over time. If things aren't the way you would like them to be, think of a time when it was worse, a time when you may not have been loved by someone you love, a time where if you passed, there was no one to continue you legacy, or a time where you thought you had it all, only to realize there was no one to share it with. Be thankful for the life and health you do have, and share your love with the world!

Think, Think, and Rethink!

Most women including my self, often times don't see ourselves as "perfect". But before going through the drastic measures of plastic surgery, I would consider reading up on post-surgeries incidents and fatality statistics. Here's a story I came across that turned my stomach a little.


A family was recently awarded over $1.95 million in damages in an alleged malpractice case. The lawsuit involves cosmetic surgery that took a fatal turn.

Miss Lopez like many mothers, who opted for plastic surgery to make herself feel more attractive after having children. The 36-year old mother of four elected to have a breast life and augmentation, liposuction, and a tummy tuck. Just one hour after her operation, Ms Lopez was sent home, despite that she was allegedly having trouble breathing. In the words of her family's lawyer Kenneth Wills, she was "wisked out the door".

Supposedly, Ms Lopez was not only having breathing problems, she was also experiencing dizziness, fever, problems concentrating, and difficulty moving, following the surgery performed by Dr. Matthew Galumbeck. The next day her sister reportedly called the nurse out of concern over Ms Lopez's symptoms, but according to Mr. Wills, no one followed up. That evening, Ms Lopez's daughter found her mother lying in bed, unresponsive.

Based on the autopsy, she died of aspiration pneumonia, which was the result of the contents from her stomach traveling into her esophagus and down her trachea into her lungs.

What did Dr. Galumbeck have to say about the situation? He testified that his patient, Ms Lopez did not have any complications during the operation. The doctor said that he reviewed her medical records before she left the recovery room, and did not notice any signs of distress.

Dr. Galumbecks attorney argued that his client did not violate the standards of care. Mr. Wills put it differently-----"What matters in this case is that the lady had plastic surgery, she was ignored, and she died."


Now my nose may not be the slimmest, and my breasts may not be that of an 18-year olds, BUT I CAN LIVE WITH IT!